Hypnosis is the power of focus. When you close your eyes and focus, something extraordinary happens to both the brain and the mind. The rigid boundaries of perception that have held you in place begin to soften. Reality becomes less real and more negotiable. In hypnosis you discover that you are capable of much more than you consciously realise. The purpose of hypnosis is to create and enable the exploration of new awarenesses and new possibilities, and to make the changes that you want..

Just done first demo. Bring it on. No nerves or hesitations. Thank you so much. 

 Well, my flight was a success, I remained extremely calm and was very proud of myself - thank you so much for your help.

I practice within the Chichester area and also from Harley Street, London, if clients prefer. I take referrals from a wide area and am prepared to travel if appropriate. Please note that this may incur travel costs. 

 Linda Bromage BSc (hons) Clinical Hypnotherapy Advanced Practitioner PhD Scholarship Hypnosis

member of Royal Society of Medicine


lebromage@hotmail.com       mobile 07738285158